About ID Baseball

Impact Dynamics Baseball was founded in July of 2017 by Tyler Peterson and Casey Jacobson. It is our mission to provide an honest approach to developing athletes and create a platform for driven athletes to reach their peak levels of performance.

What you can expect from ID Baseball is a membership style group training environment that helps catapult players to their pinnacle. Players will get out what they put in. Each player will have a consultation at their initial enrollment to discuss goals and put together a personalized training plan and schedule to provide a clear picture of what it takes to reach the top levels. From there, players will have access to execute their personal workouts alongside peers that are working on some similar and some different improvement goals and under the tutelage and direction of the owners.

We want to be clear, this is not a once a week individual lesson with the expectation of significant improvement. This is a group training atmosphere with guidance and a clearly communicated and drawn out plan that actually provides the opportunity for significant improvement.

Anyone is able to start at ID Baseball, but in order to continue training new players must fit the mold that we are looking for in terms of attitude, effort, and integrity. Any players who fail to live up to our code of conduct policy will be addressed individually before a decision is made moving forward.

We are here to work tirelessly to help each and every player improve to the levels that they desire and we demand that our athletes match that effort level.

To learn more about our journey:

Tyler Peterson
Casey Jacobson

Feel free to follow us via our website and blog, on Twitter at @ImpDynBaseball and on Instagram at @impactdynamicsbaseball for updates on programming, players, and content pertinent to player and performance development.

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