Welcome To Impact Dynamics

Introductions are never easy. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Other anecdotal clichés that have become expected in the oversaturated world of sports training.

Welcome to Impact Dynamics where we strive to be different. We strive to be genuine. To be ourselves. Most importantly, to prioritize the people that come through our doors and create sustainable long term success for them. Helping an amateur build a foundation in athletic ability is important, but helping an amateur build a foundation in integrity and character is much more valuable.

Over the course of time we will be publishing information on everything from nutrition to refined motor learning and anything else that we see as productive insight for all athletes to become their best. We will give glimpses into the training programs provided to our athletes as well as updates as they continue to improve their skills.

Impact Dynamics Baseball was founded in July of 2017 by Tyler Peterson and Casey Jacobson. It is our mission to provide an honest approach to developing athletes and create a platform for driven athletes to reach their peak levels of performance.

Feel free to follow us via our website and blog, on Twitter at @ImpDynBaseball and on Instagram at @impactdynamicsbaseball

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